International scope03

International scope03

Being open to the world is a cornerstone of Orphée Haddad’s work.

He is trilingual, having grown up on two continents and worked on three, and this helps him support his French clients in their international deployment. He also assists foreign operators with their needs in France and the European Union.

Africa, MENA, Europe and the Mediterranean

Orphée Haddad’s expertise extends first and foremost to sub-Saharan Africa, especially to the OHADA area, which includes 17 countries in Central and West Africa, in particular Senegal, Gabon, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, the Republic of Guinea and Congo.

He speaks Arabic, having received part of his education in Lebanon and having worked in the Arab world, and he also has significant experience in the Near and Middle East as well as in North Africa.

Orphée Haddad’s work within the European Union extends beyond the French borders; Italy, the Principality of Monaco and the United Kingdom are among his main areas of focus.

In Italy, Orphée forged close ties with Zunarelli – Studio Legale Associato, one of Italy’s leading independent business law firms. This reputed firm specialises in transport law, maritime law and corporate law, and has offices in nine major Italian cities as well as in Shanghai.

Independence, responsiveness and a strong network

As with Zunarelli, Orphée Haddad has formed strong relationships with local colleagues. These are the result of working together on cases, of professional esteem and sometimes of friendship. The strength of this network has proven to be both valuable and efficient with notable benefits including responsiveness, knowledge of local practices, and ease of coordination. These assets are indispensable when it comes to defending the interests of clients and advancing their projects.

Independence remains nevertheless a core value of Orphée Haddad’s work; no exclusive collaboration has been agreed upon. Indeed, the determination of local participants depends solely on the specificities of each case, of each transaction, and of each dispute. Orphée Haddad, therefore, works regularly with his client’s usual advisors, whom he supports on a specific aspect of a transaction or a transnational procedure.

Transactions, contracts, litigation and arbitration

As the international dimension punctuates every stage of life for an economic player, Orphée Haddad accompanies his clients through each one of them.

His practice covers the negotiating and securing of commercial contracts and partnerships with private and public foreign contacts, business transfers and acquisitions, capital transactions, international public procurement and dispute resolution (national or transnational litigation, international arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods).

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