Litigation, arbitration, mediation


Litigation, arbitration, mediation

Dispute resolution is at the heart of Orphée Haddad’s work. In litigation, in arbitration and in the negotiation of an amical solution, efficacy is the operative word, from the pre-litigation phase to the enforcement of the decision.

Business litigation

Orphée Haddad works in civil, commercial and criminal courts, particularly in matters of commercial disputes, civil or criminal liability, breach of contract, debt collection, real estate and construction operations, shareholder and partner disputes, post M&A disputes, seller’s warranty, liability of corporate officers, as well as transportation, logistics and insurance litigation.

He has developed a specific expertise in transnational litigation, multi-party disputes and litigation combining parallel procedures in one or more countries.

International arbitration

Orphée Haddad has significant knowledge and experience of international arbitration in all its diversity: commercial and investment, institutional and ad hoc, major arbitration rules (ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID…), private operators and public entities.

His expertise covers the entire ecosystem of arbitration proceedings and their many ramifications, from the negotiation of the arbitration clause to the setting aside of the arbitration award, as well as the conduct of the arbitration proceedings and the numerous incidents that may arise during these processes.

Orphée Haddad also has specific knowledge of regional arbitration mechanisms, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East: Cour commune de justice et d’arbitrage (CCJA, OHADA zone), Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC), Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC)…

Amicable settlements and mediation

Dispute resolution through negotiation or mediation plays an important part in the range of possible solutions: it allows for better contingency management and can prove, in many cases, to be faster and more satisfactory.

Enforcement of judgements and awards

The role of the lawyer continues beyond the establishment of the decision, with the essential enforcement phase.

Orphée Haddad assists his clients throughout this phase, in France and abroad; with the exequatur procedure, the implementation of enforcement measures, the securing of provisional measures in advance, and the effective collection of debts.

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